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1. Online order, Please send us order via email: s_t@sinthongmusic.com , vic_zzzzz@hotmail.com Please inform us contact’s name, address for delivery, tel no, detail and quantity of the items you’d like to place an order.

2. Phone order, Please contact us by phone or fax. 0-2622-0559, FAX 0-2225-8523 Mob: 089-762-9785 Attn: K.Puay

3. Welcome you to our 5 Branches, we could introduce you our products closely and serve you instruments you’ve interested with our technician’s team.(for more information please click CONTACT US)
1. Was paid in cash at the store directly.

2. Payments by bank transfer. You can call us at A / shop of our
call 0-2221-3784, 089-762-9785.
1. In case you decided., And smaller items, we will ship it to you by mail, you will need to pay shipping cost. According to the weight and size of the product is large, you will be transported to the way we deliver or mail it or discuss details of the agreement together.

2. In case you are in Bangkok, you will also get your own shop or mail it to us. (In the case of goods, we will send a guitar Logic posts only to prevent damage and malfunctioning of the guitar, with a minimum fee of 200 Baht per 1 unit).